An explorative, holistic residential retreat to re-introduce vital elements — nature, yoga, and food. This time around, in Bandipur!

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Human, meet nature! An opportunity to get acquainted with numerous life-forms, heighten the sensitivity to life and create an understanding and appreciation of interdependence amongst life forms.

Get to enjoy farm trails and pick a fruit or two on the way!



There's something that moves you from within when you see something tremendously powerful or firmly gentle. It's an unforgettable, beautiful, all-encompassing experience that only can be, well, experienced!



To get to understand how food is grown, how many lives it enriches before coming to your plate, and understand how the whole eco-system works in tandem is something to cherish for a lifetime.

You will get to learn basics of Permaculture — a beautiful system about designing a farm keeping in mind nature!



Once you begin to experience the world as one, naturally you will start becoming more responsible without the need for any morals.

Isha Hatha Yoga (designed by Sadhguru) is a step in the right direction for your physical and mental wellbeing.


Yogic Meals

Indulge in delicious vegetarian yogic meals comprising of fruits, veggies, and nuts. We promise you will absolutely enjoy positive pranic food — good food doesn't have to be boring!

You will also get to learn how to make such delicious yogic meals on your own...and yes, since "Swayyam" (the retreat venue) is a permaculture farm, the ingredients for most delicacies we will be serving will be sourced right from their farm!


Yogic Lifestyle

From waking up early morning to sounds of the nature and starting your day with Neem and Turmeric Pills to participating in intensive Hatha Yoga practices, you will get to see the other side of you — the one that is in tune with the rest of the existence!

We are hoping the retreat will give you that much needed gentle push to re-start your life!

We completed 2 Srishti Kids programs in Swayyam, Bandipur during summer vacations. Join us as we walk you below through the moments we all cherished!

Srishti Bandipur April
Srishti Bandipur May


Vaijnath on His Daughter's Yoga Routine
“ We as a family are very thankful and blessed to have experienced the lovely ambience amidst diverse flora and fauna, warm hosts, comfortable accommodation, and waking up early to the calls of peacocks.

Starting off the day with cold water shower, having neem and turmeric with honey laced water, having two meals of gastronomic delights, lively co-participants, the most enthusiastic volunteers, the nature walks, and last but not the least, the most versatile and humble guru Mukul with his crystal clear instructions interspersed with enlightening Sadhguru video sessions made the Srishti Retreat, not only a memory for lifetime to cherish but to kickstart a new saga of physical and inner dimension. ”
— Parents Chander and Avantika with Trisha and Sudarshan
“ Namaskaram Anna!🙏 😊 Would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for the most amazing and inspiring program for Families. My husband and kids had a great great time along with learning yoga. Children are just going ga ga over have inspired them big time. The practices, time gaps, Satvik food...everything they are taking care on their own. And little one is so waiting again to join :)

The beautiful surroundings, trek, fun involved and wonderful co-families in the program enhanced their experience. Your love, care, inspiration, attention to details is so much appreciated Anna! We are really blessed to have you around. Thanks so much again!😊🙏 ”
— Shalu, Parent

Camp Details


Oct 11 (starts at 6.30am) to Oct 13 (ends at 7pm)


'swaYYam', A Permaculture Farm
Bandipur, Yelachatti, Karnataka 571111
Age Requirement

The retreat is open to teens, adults, and parents with their kids! Anyone above the age of 10 could attend. If your kid is less than 10 and still keen, please reach out to us, we will see and take a call!

About the Venue

‘swaYYam’, is an aesthetically designed place with an earthy feel with comfortable and modern amenities. In Sanskrit language, it means — the ‘unified self’, which is all encompassing. It embodies the spirit of sustainability and self-sufficiency in thought and action.

It is an eco-conscious effort that practices, promotes, and supports wholesome, conscious living.

About Transportation

We have arranged a bus transport to and fro from the venue to the pick up point.

Pick Up and Drop Off Point
Banashankari Metro Staion
Google Maps Link

₹18000/- per head (including entry fees + transportation)
₹16500/- per head (in case of 2 or more people)


The daily itinerary would include following:
-> Morning and evening yoga sessions. We will be learning Angamardana, Pranayam, and Aum chanting. These practices are designed by Sadhguru
-> Will involve ourselves in activities like nature walks and village walks
-> Learning how to grow, cook, and eat right kind of food
-> We will also be doing a Jeep Safari in Bandipur! :)

The Space!

SwaYYam, set in the backdrop of majestic Niligiris mountains, is a fully functional Permaculture farm that was set up with the goal of establishing an education and demonstration center for methods of land regeneration, water and soil conservation, traditional organic farming, seed saving, natural buildings and Permaculture.

Five years ago, they began work on 4.5 acres of overgrazed and eroded land outside the village of Yelchatti, Karnataka. It has since become a bio-diverse hub of insects, butterflies, birds and wildlife with over 4000 tree saplings of fruit, timber, forest, and fibre and over 400 species of planted and voluntary grasses, bushes, shrubs and trees.

Today it's a repo for seeds and fruit saplings for the village. What's more: All their dwelling spaces are built with mostly natural materials, sourced from the area and the farm is off-the grid (yes!) and uses solar and wind energy for their power requirements.

mukul yogi re

Namaskaram from Mukul Anna!

Srishti has been conceived by Yogi Re — an initiative started by Mukul to bring at least an element of being a yogi in everyone's life. Mukul underwent intense teacher training designed by Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation, and has personally conducted over 250 workshops across Bangalore in the last 3 years, touching over 3000 lives!

Srishti is a holistic residential camp for young minds to re-introduce and bring about vital elements — nature, yoga, food, and play into their lives.


✢ Comfortable shared accommodation in rooms (separate for men and women)

✢ Healthy yogic vegetarian meals are included

✢ For participants who wish to join us from Mysore, we could arrange a pick up from a central location in Mysore as well

✢ No prior exposure of yoga is mandatory to attend this camp

✢ If you have any health condition, please discuss with us before registering

✢ Participants will be taught yogic practices like Angamardana, Pranayam, and Aum chanting. All these practices are designed by Sadhguru

✢ Program starts from Day 1 at 6.30am and ends by 7pm on Day 3

✢ This will be a small batch, if you are keen, then please register early to reserve your spot

✢ We schedule Srishti classes once in a while. If you are unable to attend any of the listed program dates and would like us to update when the next one happens, please let us know by filling out this simple form

✢ In case of any queries, please do contact us at 82174 81232

A Buzzing Srishti!

We have a WhatsApp group where you can share your experience, get to know important updates re upcoming Srishti/Yogi Re programs, and be in a company of fellow Isha meditators. If you'd like to be added to the group, please tap the link below.

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Srishti Bandipur

A 3-Day Residential Camp, Oct 11 - Oct 13
₹18000 per head
₹16500 per head (in case of 2 or more people from the same group)

Register & Pay Any Qs? Call us at 82174 81232